Gardens are not only for houses and mansions, other places like company offices, hotels, restaurants, resorts and other places as well. Unlike houses, the gardens play quite a different role in other numerous places. These purposes are sometimes highly financial. 

Company’s building: 

Often the huge companies have gardens in front of their buildings. The main reason is to make sure the company has the presentable luxury look so that when their guests and business partners arrive in their turf, they don’t get any sort of idea that the company is lazy towards their work and anything related to it. 

Hotels and restaurants: 

The hotels and restaurants often have sat area arranged in a balcony garden or a ground garden with several pebbles in Sydney, pebbles and outdoor water feature. With this, the main objective is to make sure their customers and guests are quite comfortable, and they get an enjoyable atmosphere. Which actually helps to keep the customers for a very long time because people tend to visit the places frequently that have a comfortable environment for them.


Resorts are the places where people stay to spend their holidays in peace and relax all the noise in the head. So, it is crucial for the owners and the managers of the resorts to have gardens. These gardens increase the overall value of the place as well. People who are investing in resorts and have a short budget they tend to wait for the sale season as they could find affordable large terracotta pots. 

Hospitals and other rehabilitation centres: 

These places have gardens that are acres long because patients walk in there to get some fresh air that will lighten up their mood. It gives them the freshness they require after resting in the hospital bed all day long. The atmosphere of the hospital is depressing with all the people staying suffering from different diseases or injury etc. So, in such a situation it is the responsibility of the hospital manager to provide something to the patients that will relax their nerves and give them a break from all the depressing stuff. 


Park is the gardens that are built mostly by the governments to provide a peaceful and safe environment to the public to go there and relax with their families. Families spend time together and bond. This is important because when families are spending time with each other they are often doing some sort of physical activity like playing football, basketball, baseball and many other games. These games not only help to keep children and adults healthy but, they also help to create some beautiful memories as well, which is important for the families.