When it comes to yard planning people who do not know the subject might consider every yard planning job falls under the same category. While the nature of the work we do is going to be yard planning there are going to be differences with regard to the size of the project or the kind of work involved in the project as a whole. Therefore, you can see two main categories of yard planning existing.The finest landscaper in Surrey Hills you can find in the field is always going to be someone or a company which has the means to handle both of these categories. However, most of the other companies or individuals handling this kind of work are going to choose only one category.

Domestic Yard Planning

The first category is domestic yard planning. This is for the houses. Unless in a rare occasion where a professional has to create an amazing garden for a huge house in a large property owned by an individual these projects are always going to be small in scale. The land you have to cover is small. This means you are going to have the chance to plan something intimate and fitting to the environment easily. As the property is not that large, you do not need to have a large group of people working in the project also. Most of the domestic yard planners manage to do their job right as the scale of their project is small.

Commercial Yard Planning

Then, we have the second category of landscaping. This is the category which is known as commercial yard planning. This is where professionals have to create attractive yards for companies or any type of commercial properties. The scale of the project is always going to be high as this is a commercial project. Only the best of companies handle this responsibility as you need to have a certain amount of resources and professionals if you are planning on working on such projects. Sure, such a project can be more profitable for a yard planner if he or she is good with this kind of work. Nevertheless, you should not forget that the chances of things going wrong is also high with such high scale projects if you are not managing every aspect of the project with great care. Most people go to the best yard planner in the field to get work done which falls into either of these categories as the best professional planner is someone who handles both types of jobs.